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Contract Action Team

What is a Contract Action Team?

A Contract Action Team (CAT) is an organizing committee made up of nurses at the individual unit level who take responsibility for communicating with all nurses in their unit to make sure that they are fully informed and engaged in contract negotiations. The Contract Action Teams will also help strengthen the union’s outreach to bargaining unit nurses.

Who can be a member of the Contract Action Team?

Any bargaining unit nurse can be a member of the CAT. Ideally, every unit would be represented in the CAT, and have a representative from different shifts. No special skills are required other than an ability to communicate with your peers. 

What are the responsibilities of a CAT team member?

  • Meeting regularly with the Negotiation Committee to share information and strategize.

  • Having one on one conversations with peers in their unit.

  • Assessing the support of each member for the union’s bargaining position and actions.

  • Helping to organize mobilization to union wide actions in support of the negotiations.

How can I sign up or learn more?

Simply use the form to the right to submit your contact information. Union leadership will be in touch with you to discuss the CAT further.

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