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2023 Bargaining Update - Tentative Agreement Reached

After several months of negotiations, we have reached a tentative agreement with the Hospital/CommonSpirit. Below is the high level overview of changes to the contract. We will be hosting two Zoom/virtual town halls. These will be drop-in, so join any time during the scheduled session to ask questions or speak with us. The election to ratify this agreement will be held following the last town-hall meeting, and the details for this are below as well.

Tentative Agreement Details


All RNs will receive the following wage increases:

  • $2.84/hr. wage increase upon ratification of this agreement, along with your anniversary wage step increase which ranges from 1.1-1.4%, for a total of anywhere from 7.1% to 11.4% wage increase in year 1.

  • 2% across the board wage increase in July 2024, along with your anniversary wage step increase which ranges from 1.1-1.4% (total 3.1-3.4%).

  • 2% across the board wage increase in July 2025, along with your anniversary wage step increase which ranges from 1.1-1.4% (total 3.1-3.4%).

  • Click here to use this spreadsheet to estimate your pay rate/salary. Please note, that values are approximate and may include rounding errors. Final wage tables will be available soon. Use the tabs at the top of the page to find your wage grid. Job roles are listed in the first cell of each spreadsheet.

All APRNs will receive the following wage increases:

  • 4% wage increase upon ratification of this agreement.

  • 2% wage increase in July 2024, and 2% wage increase in July 2025.

All pool nurses will receive the following wage increases upon ratification of this agreement:

  • UBP: $40/hr.

  • Float Pool PRN 1: $45/hr.

  • Float Pool PRN 2: $48/hr.

  • Full-time Float Pool: Base Rate (See above for base rate wage increases) + $5/hr.

  • APRN UBP/PRN: $60/hr.

  • Clinic UBP/PRN: $33.75/hr.

There will be no changes to current differentials, which are listed below and we negotiated in prior contracts.

  • Night shift: $5/hr.

  • Weekend shift: $4.50/hr.

  • Weekend night: $9.50/hr.

  • Holiday: 1.5x base salary in addition to base salary (total 2.5x pay)

  • Float pay (voluntary floating outside pod): $2/hr.

  • The current competency-based bonus program, and critical care neuro/CV differential will remain unchanged.

Floating/Critical Staffing

  • No charge nurse will be required to float during their assigned charge shift unless a unit is closed.

  • If a nurse is forced to float outside of their pod due to critical staffing, the nurse shall be paid a differential of $5/hour for all hours worked outside of their pod.

  • No nurse shall be forced to float to an area outside of their competencies and expected to take a patient assignment. If a nurse is floated to an area where they do not possess documented competencies, they may be used as a task or resource nurse only.


  • Each unit council will take an active role in decisions related to staffing in their units, including input in the development of the unit staffing matrix annually.

  • Unit councils may elect to bring staffing issues and staffing initiatives directly to Hospital management and leaders if agreed upon by the council, and issues will be tracked and addressed, with regular progress reports and timelines through CDIT.

Bereavement Pay

Nurses will be entitled to bereavement leave under the current CommonSpirit Health national policy. This includes leave for immediate family, spouses, partners, other adult roommates, children, step-children, grandchildren, etc. It includes 3 days per occurrence fully paid. A copy of the policy can be found on Employee Central.

Witness Pay

If you are required to testify or are subpoenaed by the hospital or in response to an event in which the Hospital is a named party, you will be compensated at your hourly rate for time spent testifying, traveling, and waiting. You are also entitled to mileage compensation for travel at the current IRS limits.

Clinical Ladder

  • Current clinical ladder pay differentials will remain in effect, which are $2/$4/$6 depending on level awarded.

  • The Hospital will consider expansion of the clinical ladder to non-bedside RNs in the future.

Clean Work Environment

The hospital is committed to a clean work environment, and shall supply units with an adequate stock of toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, hand sanitizer, and other supplies as needed. Any deficiencies will be addressed at Union-Management meetings.

Change in Hospital Ownership

The Hospital will be required to notify the union prior to any possible change in Hospital ownership, intended sale, or reassignment. A sale may not be used to avoid the obligations under this contractual agreement.

Paycheck Errors

  • The hospital will be required to meet with individuals who so request when an overpayment or underpayment is identified to discuss the issue and supposed paycheck error.

  • The “lookback” period for errors is one year. If this time is exceeded, no paycheck corrections may be made (both on the employee and employer side).

  • The hospital must attempt to reach a repayment agreement through direct discussions with employees for overpayments.

  • Underpayments must be paid on the next regular paycheck if the error is less than 10% of bi-weekly wages, or an off-cycle check must be issued if the underpayment exceeds 10% of bi-weekly wages.

Zoom/Virtual Town-hall Meetings

We will be hosting two virtual town-hall meetings via Zoom in order to discuss the details of the tentative agreement. These town-halls will be drop-in, so you can join anytime during the scheduled time to ask questions and speak with the bargaining team. The two times and the links for the town-hall will be:

Ratification Vote

All dues paying members and those that have recently signed a card to join will have the opportunity to vote either in favor for or against the tentative agreement. New this year, we will be conducting a virtual election. Qualifying members will receive an invitation to their work email (and personal email if this is on file) and their phone number via text message (if your cell phone information is on file) from ElectionBuddy in order to cast their ballot. ElectionBuddy is a Department of Labor certifiable, secure, third-party voting platform used by many unions to conduct elections.

If you are a dues paying member, and wish to update your contact information prior to the ratification vote, please complete the contact information update form here.

Voting is scheduled to take place starting Friday, July 14. Please be sure to check your email.

If you would like to become a dues-paying member prior to the election in order to vote, you may do so between now and 10:00pm on Thursday, July 13. You can become a dues-paying member via our website by visiting

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Staffing matrix 🤣😂🤣scientifically (STATISTICS UTILIZED) DEVELOPED, and ONLY used in there favor ( the hospitals).... since oh ya, we don't have staff.

Told my manager, a U/C is NOT = TO a patent care tech (PCT).


My work load never recovered from COVID, I AM-CNA, PHLEBOTOMY, NURSE, BED STRIPPER, BUTT WIPPER, PT TURNER- LIFTER, and unit supply supply distribution on the W/E. (Cardiac monitor, monitor)...

(Cardiac step-down/ progressive care)

unit based.

Pay raise NA,





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